Unified Federal Register of Tour Operators
Register number: РТО 020715
Full name: Limited Liability Company "Tours Sochi"
Short name: Sochi Tours LLC
Address: 354340, Sochi, Olimpiysky Avenue, 2A, of. 1154
The address of the official site on the Internet:
TIN: 2317083803
OGRN: 1172375009234
The scope of tour operator activity: domestic tourism, international entry
Method of financial security: a tour operator civil liability insurance contract
Amount of financial security: 500,000 rubles.
Document: No. 770100047 of 12/13/2018
Duration of financial security: from 24/12/2018 to 23/12/2019

Name of the organization that provided financial support: LLC "RICS"
Address (location) of the organization that provided financial support: 119334, Moscow, Donskoy district, Donskoy 5th passage, 21B to 10
The scope of tour operator activities
domestic tourism
international entry
Date and number of the order of the Rostourism about entering information into the unified federal register of tour operators
Order number: 8-PR-19
Order date: 14/01/2019